Have been mixing FOH & monitors since 1979. 1st job was touring as monitor mixer with Peaches & Herb when "Shake Your Groove Thing" & Reunited were hits.

Have done shows with most of the biggest names in the industry between working at Disneyland from 1981 to present, mixing monitors or PA for TV shows from 1994 to present.

Worked briefly in post production on films such as Raging Bull, The Blue Lagoon, and Rocky III.  

Have been the mixer product manager for Yamaha Commercial Audio for 6 years and Yamaha produces many shows with our endorsed artists, the biggest names in the business as you can imagine. I often will mix FOH, orchestra, or monitors on these shows.  
Much of my work takes me to some of the biggest music festivals to help mix engineers with our consoles, sometimes I mix. There are 100's of bands who I work with each year, closely with their engineers. Lots of opportunities to expose DPA to them.

Career highlights

  • Mixing orchestra for Elton John for a Yamaha event.  
  • Mixing CandleLight Show at Disneyland (52 piece orchestra-70+ mics and 700 member choir.)  
  • Mixing monitors on the Grammy PreTel Show  
  • FOH mixer for Luis Miguel "Aires" & "Segundo Romance" World Tours

Favorite DPA Microphones

Very difficult to say, but probably the 4099 with the piano mounts. There are so many choices for this answer, but this mic / miking solution solves many issues, especially in loud performance situations.

Contact information

Kevin Kimmel
Independent Engineer / Yamaha Mixer Product Mgr. / Disneyland Broadcast Engineer
Fullerton, CA, United States

Profile information

Segments: PA/Rental
Speaks: English

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