I've worked at Elevation Church for the past eight years now as the AVL System designer, external event production manager and primary FOH engineer.

My employment at the church has allowed me the opportunity to travel throughout the country with Elevation Worship as FOH Engineer and Production Manager on tours and random travel dates. I've also had the opportunity to consult with and design PA systems for other churches and mix FOH for a few other contemporary Christian artists.

Career Highlights

FOH/PM for Elevation Church & Elevation Worship

Favorite DPA Microphones

DPA makes some of the best, well behaved mics around. The d:facto™ and d:fine™ have become my go-to mic on Pastor Steven over the last two years. The low frequency control and response of the d:facto™ allows a lot of extra ‘power’ to be maintained in his voice that a lot of other condenser capsules don't allow. And the d:fine™ (FIO) is one of the most behaved omni-directional elements I've come across. Push a preacher on an omni-directional headset over a band at 110dba? Somehow the d:fine™ remains stable and still intelligible in this scenario, with no outboard processing. And the d:dicate™ 4011 is a dream for ANY application. Hats, overheads, guitars, snare, crowd mic’ing… I can't get enough of that mic!

Contact information

Brian Poole
Live Engineer

Elevation Church
Matthews, North Carolina, United States


Profile information

Segments: House of Worship

Speaks: English

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