Right from the beginning I was attracted to sound

I've been in the business for 25 years now. Since I was a kid, I have played bass guitar and right from the beginning I was attracted to sound. As I was growing in the industry, I kept on playing the bass and learned to know the stage from both sides, as a musician and as a sound engineer. It helped me understand how great an impact the sound has on performances on stage and in the studio. Today, I work with legendary Israeli Artists: Aviv Geffen, Ariel Zilber, T-Slam & The Friends of Natasha. All my artists are very experienced and some of them have been in the business before I was born. It's a huge honour to work with such experienced artists that also were a big part of my soundtrack as a child/teenager.


Career Highlights

Aviv Geffen & the Israeli Philharmonic orchestra
Aviv Geffen "Rock Prom" Concerts hosting Mr. Allen Parsons, Mike Garson, Biffy Clyro, Jake Bugg and more.  
Rita - Tunes for Piece at the UN hall NYC (as a bass player)  
T-Slam & the Symphonic orchestra Live Concert 2015 
Israeli Opera Concerts

Favorite DPA Microphones

I use 4099 instrument mics a Lot. It's my only choice for grand piano. In large scale concerts, I try to gather as many 4099's that I can and use them on pretty much everything. Mostly on low output instruments in a noisy stage where you want to capture the dynamics of the performer clearly and in great detail. Nothing compares to the 4099 on cellos and contra basses in a philharmonic orchestra when there are rock'n'roll drums nearby. d:factoTM is one of the most impressing Vocal Microphones out there, as it is captures the natural vocalist's low end without side effects.

Contact information

Yaron Goren
Sound Designer
Creative Sound Design
Kfar Yehoshua, Israel

Profile information

Segments: PA/Rental

Speaks: English, Hebrew

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