I'm since 2000 a professional recording/mixing engineer.

Freelance professional record producer, recording and mix engineer for almost 2 decades with practices in both studio and on location recordings.

Certified with a diploma of “Mix with the Masters” from Tchad Blake and Mitchell Froom in 2014.
Currently operating as a resident freelance engineer in Pluto Studios facilities, Tel Aviv
Worked with a vast verity of styles and music genres from acoustic ensembles to full electronic productions.

Career Highlights

Arcadi Duchin, Yehudit Ravits, Efrat Ben Zur, Nikmat Hatraktor, Amit Erez, Eatliz, Yehu Yaron, Zach Drori.

Favorite DPA Microphones

4011 at ORTF configuration for grand piano (the most natural and big I've ever heard)
2006 as room mics for pretty much anything (strings, percussion, drums).

Contact information

Ronen Roth
Recording & Mixing Engineer

Ronen Roth Sonic-Yard
Tel Aviv, Israel

Profile information

Segments: Recording/Studio

Speaks: English

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