I started in 1991 as an operator for radio broadcasting.

In 1994, I started to work for a Brazilian rental company called Pro Audio and was responsible for operational systems and this is where I furthered my technical knowledge in alignment of large PA configurations.

From 2005, I started to work as FOH or monitor engineer for various artists in the Brazilian music scene such as Pato Fu, Fernanda Takai, Maria Rita, Zizi Possi, Paulo Ricardo and Sao Paulo Jazz Symphony Orchestra. I also worked at big festivals like SWU, Rock'n River, Atlantida Planet and other international tours in Japan, USA, England and Portugal.

In 2010, I joined the famous band Jota Quest as monitor engineer and this is my main band today.

Career highlights

Luiz Clemente has entered the audio world in 1991. With a passion for audio systems, he has worked for several renowned Brazilian artists, such as Maria Rita, Zizi Possi, Paulo Ricardo, and the Sao Paulo Jazz Symphony Orchestra, among others.

After working for a long period as the monitor engineer for Brazilian band Pato Fu, in 2010 he was invited to join the Jota Quest band, one of the biggest names in Brazilian music. Clemente has remained in charge of the group’s monitor until the present date.

Clemente has worked at several major festivals, including the SWU 2010, Rock in Rio 2013 and 2015, and Planeta Atlantida, and at performances in Japan, the US, England, Portugal and many other countries.

Favorite DPA Microphones

d:facto™ vocal 
4099D for drums

Contact information

Band Jota Quest
Luiz Clemente
Live Engineer - Monitor
São Paulo, Brazil

Profile information

Segments: PA/Rental

Speaks: Portugese

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