For over 20 years I’m working as a producer, studio engineer and FOH mixer. The last 5 years I’m doing quite some work as musical director.

Career highlights

Balthazar (recording/FOH/MD)
Tamino (FOH/MD)
Tourist Le MC (FOH/MD)
Blackwave. (MD)
Ozark Henry (recording)
Gepetto and the Whales (MD)

I'm quite often consulted by industry partners (Poppunt, De Kreun,) for coaching live bands, also I often work together with AMPTEC, and as I mentioned before, I do a lot of MD lately. In all those situations DPA is a big part of how I set up/or explain the way a work in a live situation.

for example, If I start working with bands, hands on, the d;facto is mandatory for all singers. And obviously, when there is an attended soundcheck, the attendees see/hear nothing but DPA ;-)
An upcoming event is a Band camp for selected singer songwriters organised by Poppunt by the end of may where I’ll be attending two days elaborating on the topic of live performances.


Favorite DPA Microphones

For sure number one is the DPA d:facto. Probably because it hase the most impact for the FOH mix, aswell for the artist in his IEM. secondly the 4099 for strings, because the isolation between the source you want to amplify and other loud sources on stage is just amazing. Mostly I have a full DPA setup on stage. It give's me a sonic transparency I really like.


Contact information

Company: North Garden Studios

Profile information

Speaks: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
Segment: Recording engineer

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