I have been in the audio world for nearly 15 years now... Mostly working on documentaries but also am part of Corporates, TV Commercials and some fiction type projects....
Some of my latest projects includes: Ultimate Airport Dubai (Season 2 and 3) for National Geographic, Emirats, les mirages de la puissance ( 2 x 52' for ARTE), Inside Mission Kosovo for National Geographic and many many more.

Career highlights

  • Ultimate Airport Dubai Season 3 – National Geographic – (production Sound mixer – 8 x 60′ episodes – Produced by Arrow Media) 2014 – 2015 – In Production 
  • Emirates Wine Documentary – Bordeaux ( Sound Recordist – Produced By Emirates Airline Corporate Communications ) 2014 - In Post – Production  
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai Season 2 – National Geographic – (Production Sound mixer – 10 x 60′ episodes – Produced by Arrow Media) 2014  
  • Emirats, Les Mirages de la Puissance ( 2 x 52′ documentary produced by Artline Films for ARTE, directed by Frederic Compain and shot by Pierre Boffety) - 2013-2014  
  • AIR Dubai ( Feature documentary on International and Local artists being part of a residency program in Dubai) 2013  
  • Inside Mission Kosovo: Documentary Produced by Nomad Media for National Geographic Abu Dhabi 2012 – 2013  
  • Documentary for HBO about Osama Bin Laden (produced by The Chasing Flame – Part of the Dubai Crew ITW General Pervez Musharraf) 2012  
  • Camp Ka Champ ( Sound was entirely shot 5.1 Surround. We’ve been sponsored by Sound Devices and DPA for their latest gear to use on set
  • Documentary Produced by Veritas Films and directed by Mahmoud Kaabour 2012 – 2013  
  • Documentary produced by Cole Creative 2011 – 2012  
  • Sikka Art Fair – Directed by Mahmoud Kaabour and Produced by Veritas Films 2012  
  • Mission: Winds of Goodness (UAE Special forces in Afghanistan) 2011  
  • National Geographic – Richard Hammond’s engineering connections (Season 3 Episode 1 Burj Al Arab shot in Dubai)  
  • MigooTv : Documentary on the Al Ain Air Show 2011  
  • Discovery Channel – Planet Green USA/ARTE: Building Green (2009 – 2010)  
  • Deutsche Welle: Documentary on Green Energies (2009)  
  • Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden? (credit as International Sound Assistant) (2008)  
  • BBC: Contemporary Art (2008)  
  • National Geographic: MegaStructures/How it’s built (the Science of Concrete) (2006- 2007) 

Favorite DPA Microphones

My favourite DPA mic is by far the 5100 Mobile Surround... I love to use it on Static Interviews on location... Since we record 6 separate channels when using the 5100, I use an additional track on which i use a lapel 6071 for the interview itself like we would do normally... Then in post, I replace the Centre Channel from the 5.1 with my 6071 track and there we go... A proper interview audio in 3D environment.... I love this Microphone... Fantastic....

Contact information

David JM Thirion, Production/Location Sound Recordist
Company: David Jean Pierre Marianne Thirion
E-mail: davidthirion@dpamasters.com    
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Profile information

Segments: Broadcast
Speaks: English

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