For the last 13 years I have been a live audio engineer working with a variety of musical performances and styles.
For 8 years I was a perma-lance sound designer and mix engineer for English National Opera and 4 years ago I arrived in the Middle East to setup and open Dubai Opera during which time I was nominated for 'Live Engineer Of The Year' at the inaugural TPMEA awards. I left this position in December 2019 to pursue some longer term goals for the kind of work I was doing, with a desire to be more creative and work on some challenging and diverse personal projects. I also was drawn to expand into working more with audio for visual media, having been handed some post-production projects, which has also led to location sound recording for those clients.

Favourite Microphones

4099 - not just my favourite DPA mic but one of my favourite mics overall. It has great performance let alone for such a discrete capsule. Incredibly versatile, it's my mic of choice for drum kits to harps to brass to strings. Also the 4011 is great for orchestral setups where close mics are not very useful. I have a filmed orchestral recording of a world premier coming up which will have a very high cultural profile regionally - I will likely use 4011's for 90% of it.

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