I started as a musician recording and then entering in a little local recording studio at the age of twenty.

I started as a musician recording and then interning in a little local recording studio at the age of twenty. Today i own exactly that studio, which has now grown into a full production facility for analog and digital recording, mixing and mastering. 2016 I celebrate my 20th business anniversary. I like recording more than anything else and if i am not in the studio you probably find me in our own service workshop restoring old tape machines.


Career Highlights

I recorded loads of german independent bands throughout the late nineties and the first decade of the new millenium. Be it Sportfreunde Stiller, Readymade, Virginia Jetzt!, Blackmail or Angelo Kelly to name just a few of the bigger names.
I also aimed a pretty good reputation in the Black- and Death-Metal genre.
One really nice experience was doing a full production with Ronald Prent (today Wisseloord Studios) producing, which lead to another production we have done together.

Favorite DPA Microphones

I love my 4006s, 4006TLs and 4004s. I don ́t know which one I like most. Probably the 4006TLs as my main Room Pair or main AB configuration.
Ohh, and did I mention i also love 4011TL on acoustic guitar, 4018 with MMP-A on vocals, 2011C and 4099s on drums... :)

Contact information

Alex Theisen
Recording Engineer

Mainz, Germany

Profile information

Segments: Recording/Studio

Speaks: German, English

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